How did you got the idea to start Gamestyling?
Gamestyling was created when Xbox started coming out with their first lines of “custom” controllers. A few friends and I came up with our own ideas at the time of what we thought would be nice to see on controllers. After buying used controllers and using these to test out the paint options we had available at the time I began posting these on Facebook and Instagram. Learning along the way, paint skills were developed, Instagram following started to grown and that’s when I decided to turn it into a fulltime job.

Have you always been drawing and designing?
My background is in sales, before that I never used to paint or draw. I’m a self-taught artist.

Do you know what game got you hooked to playing games?
The first console I have ever owned was the original PlayStation. This was a birthday gift with the game Gran Turismo. Friends came to our house to play against each other. After buying Crash Bandicoot we were all sold and that’s when in really started to get into gaming myself.

Which game do you want to see rebooted?
There was this arcade game on the Nintendo 64 with a helicopter called Nuclear Strike. I was in love with it. Games with a simple concept behind it is really what catches my attention. Games like that would be nice to see make a comeback.

What systems have you played on and whats your current?
I own everything from the Super Nintendo up to the ps4 pro which is my current console that I’m playing on. My favourite console has to be the xbox 360.

Favourite genre to play?
I’m a big ban of shooters. Quick gameplay is what I’m most into now a days.

Favourite game at the moment ?
Apex legends for sure. Team work is what makes the dream work!!